The Guy on the Right by Kate Stewart Review

the guy on the right kate stewart

The Guy on the Right by Kate Stewart is an interesting story. And if you are a fan of contemporary and romance books and you have never heard of Kate Stewart then you are missing out big time. She has written a lot of  successful books during her career as an author. She’s written books like: Room 212, The Fall, The Mind and The Heart. While her career is over two decades old, she has been recently pushed into the spotlight due to her amazing book called Drive.

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The book Drive has become an instant success shortly after being published. It was featured on such websites as: The New York Daily News, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post. The Guy on the Right is one of her more recent books. It has been acclaimed by many critics and it has a score of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon. It also has over an 85% positive rating there as well. Although the book has a rather simple plot it will draw you in with its charm and hilarious moments.

If you are familiar with Kate Stewart’s books then you probably already know that she has an amazing talent for writing deep and meaningful characters. Most of her books have a more serious and romantic tone, but The Guy on the Right is more of a romantic comedy.

The Guy on the Right – Character Development Done Right

The story of The Guy on the Right is about a group of college guys. At the center of it all is Theo Houseman. That said, you might not even notice him at the beginning of the book. Theo  is said to be the perfect nice guy – which all women should love. But in reality, he isn’t that popular with women at all. Thus the struggle for Theo begins as he tries to conquer Laney’s heart.

If you love well-written banter between characters you will love this book. It has a LOT of playful banter. If you are also into romantic comedies you will find yourself rooting for Theo to overcome his shyness and  conquer Laney’s heart. And this isn’t easy to do. In the middle, there is Troy who is Theo’s roommate and the exact opposite of Theo. Theo is the perfect nice guy trying to please everybody. But he finds that women aren’t looking for a nice guy. This book is more intricate than your typical best friends to lovers trope.

The Sweet Awkwardness of It All

the guy on the right kate stewart reviewThe book depicts the struggle of the nice guy who wants the hot girl Laney. But Laney is more attracted to tough guys. Theo is even depicted as a somewhat attractive guy but due to his shyness and lack of social skills, he’s pretty awkward in certain situations. Especially when it comes to talking and interacting with Laney. The back and forth between Theo and Laney is a little predictable at times, but these moments do offer a lot of comic relief. It’s almost more of a comedy than a romance novel.

There are some jokes which fall a little short and they are some that even make fun of a disabled kid. Laney makes an offensive joke about a kid’s disabilities and if you are a little more sensitive, this might be offensive. I’d recommend keeping an open mind as the rest of the story is well worth it. Even if some of the jokes are fairly lame. In my honest opinion, if the book didn’t have any kind of plot it would have been still successful with the two main characters. Theo and Laney are so wrong for each other but also so right for each other in some perspectives.

The Guy on the Right Kate Stewart – Plot

Their “relationship” starts as them just being friends. Once they start spending more time with each other the walls between them start crumbling down. They slowly start to notice that there is a connection between them. It’s enough of a connection that they feel it warrants exploring. In real life, nice guys often end up in the friend zone forever. But that isn’t what happens here.

One of the more interesting aspects of the book is how the author can connect these two people. At the first glance they do not have anything in common and Laney is definitely is out of Theos’s league. It might even be fair to say that they are on different planets. Although Theo gets his first shot at meeting and connecting with Laney after a drunken night, Laney decides that she is done with the jock type of guys. She wants to find a nice guy for herself.

Both Laney and Theo have been hurt in the past and neither of them is looking for love or any romantic relationship at all. And once they start to know each other and they start to trust each other they both open up about their previous failed relationships and love adventures. I honestly thought at the beginning of the book that the story was about Theo trying to lose his virginity. And though it was never addressed in the book, it kind of feels like it.

the guy on the right

In Conclusion

If you are a fan of new adult and romantic comedies than The Guy on the Right will be right up your alley. The author Kate Stewart delivers an amazingly hilarious story about two people who in reality do not have anything in common. To add to the hilarity, one of them has to fight tooth and nail to get the other one to have the same feelings as he does. If you’re looking for a light hearted read – be sure to check this one out.

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