The Covenant Series By Jennifer Armentrout Review

covenant series jennifer armentrout review

This is a young adults paranormal romance series dripping with sexual tension. This series features greek gods and a strong female lead character.

Each story and the series itself centers around a forbidden love angle and in this series it is quite unique.

To give you some background, the author tells us that when gods and mortals have children together their offspring are called Hematoi. And if two Hemtaoi have children, well, then those children will have special powers. God-like powers.

These beings are referred to as being “pure bloods.”

Hematoi have kids with regular mortals, the kids have no special powers.

These creatures are referred to as half bloods and they only have 2 options in life.

The first is to become slaves (well, maybe just servants) to the pure bloods. This involves the usual cleaning up after them, running their household and so on.

The second option is to be trained to become a Sentinel which involves hunting and destroying daemons.

The main female lead is a half blood named Alexandria. She’s 17 years old and is a feisty handful. She doesn’t like rules and definitely has trouble following them.

The main rule is that pure bloods and half bloods aren’t allowed to be in a relationship. This is where the forbidden romance comes in.

She’s in love with Aiden who’s an off-the charts hot pure blood.

What’s worse – beyond her secret forbidden desire – is that if she isn’t able to pass training (referred to as the Covenant) and become a Sentinel, she risks being turned into a daemon.

And then Aiden would be hunting her.

But hunting to kill her, not hunting her in any form of a romantic sense.

covenant series jennifer armentrout

Half Blood Jennifer Armentrout – Book 1

half blood jennifer armentroutThis is the first book in the Covenant Series by Jennifer L Armentrout, which you can read about here.

In this book we’re introduced to Alexandria Andros who is a Half-Blood.

A while back she fled the Covenant with her mother.

As they fled they are attacked by daemons and her mother is killed, but Alexandria fights and even kills one of them.

Once her mother died, Alexandria was brought back to the Covenant with the expectation that she would finish her training to become a Sentinel.

Sentinels guard the Pure Bloods and hunt daemons. Daemons are basically pure bloods turned bad and are constantly running around trying to eat the pure bloods.

Upon her return, Alexandria has to train with a pure blood named Aiden.

Of course, he’s super hot and very powerful.

The Story Begins to Develop…

An interesting twist to the story is how once Alexandria returns, her family turns their back on her saying that she should just become a servant and abandon her training to become a Sentinel.

But Aiden becomes her champion.

He argues that she could really become an asset due to her advanced fighting skills. A half-blood being able to kill a daemon without any sort of training is extremely rare and basically unheard of.

So now you’ve got this forbidden romance thing happening. Alexandria is desperately trying to fight down her feelings for Aiden while at the same time excelling at her training, avoiding daemon attacks and learning the political landscape of the Covenant.

All while coming to the realization of the depth of her powers.

What the Critics Say

half blood book

Some of the critics say that this book is basically the exact same thing as Vampire Academy – just with the names changed.

Many of them didn’t like Alexandria as they felt she never grew up during the story and that her character never developed beyond an entitled little brat who never thought of anyone other than herself.

I think that might be a little harsh, but elements of it are true.

That being said, as Alexandria recklessly plows through her training, we come to see that the depth of her power and just how important she is has not been fully realized yet…

Click here to see the Half Blood book, and the audiobook version is available here as well.



half blood jennifer l armentrout


Pure Jennifer Armentrout Review- Book 2

pure jennifer armentrout

Pure by Jennifer Armentrout is the second book in the Covenant series. At times the second part of a book series can end up being slightly boring or predictable, but not this one, not at all.

This book doesn’t disappoint. It really does keep you interested throughout the plot and through Alex’s story. You find yourself constantly wanting to know more about the future of the characters and their situation.

The Story Line of Pure

The story guides you through Alex’s experience. She has really suffered and gone through a lot in losing someone she loved with all of her heart, her mother. It was a shock and a huge hit for her.

Sadly, the memories of her past and of the terrible childhood that she had experienced left her traumatized. She keeps on having recurrent nightmares that wake her up during the night and that cause an overall feeling of agony and desperation in her.

Alex suffered greatly and in the hands of the only person she loved most in this world, her mother. She does not seem to be able to escape the nightmares, the memories of her mother’s time becoming a demon, or the guilt she feels for Caleb’s wounds.

Can You Escape A Stalker?

She is also trying to escape Seth. He thinks that he is her other half, but in reality Alex doesn’t want to know anything about him. Seth is following Alex everywhere and that prevents Alex from spending time with the person she is really interested in, the pure-blooded Aiden.

Alex does not really care if she has to break the rules in order to be with Aiden. In reality, she would do anything just to be with him. The only problem is that she doesn’t know how Aiden feels towards her, but she doubts he would be able to sacrifice everything for her.

There is also a strange connection between Alex and Seth. It’s just as if Alex enjoyed Seth’s company as it does bring several benefits that Alex could use. Such as protection, for example. Seth is able to sense when Alex is in danger, he is also able to make Alex rest and relax when he is close by. Alex doesn’t really like spending time with Seth, but she knows that it helps her in different ways.

Alex is still thinking about what is going to happen once she awakens. She is still not able to fully comprehend the concept as it is one of those things that you need to go through in order to know how it really is like.

Even though Alex does nos like Seth, she feels a strong attraction towards him every time he’s around. She doesn’t know if she really likes him, or if it’s just because their fate is intertwined. All of these aspects make Alex doubtful and insecure throughout the evolution of the book.

And the Action Really Picks Up…

The climax of the book starts when the daemons invade the Covenants. That is the moment where the stakes are raised and it seems like a revolution is going to take place as things appear to become unbalanced.

The daemons attack students, people, the city and everything that they don’t like. The Gods decide to send the furies in order to generate some natural order and make the situation at least slightly better.

The Gods take away and annihilate everything and everyone they think could be a danger or a threat to the Covenants, and even though the Apollyon and Alex have nothing to do with this, the Gods still try to eliminate them.

A great battle begins to take place and Alex finds herself all alone once again. She loses everyone around her including the people that she loves, adores and respects.

Alex’s mental health starts to suffer as she even questions what the Oracle had told her. She no longer knows whether or not the prophecy about her future is going to occur.

The main character is also going to have to deal and fight against an invisible force that wants to take the control over Seth, and that thing also wants to eliminate Alex. The force wants to kill Alex or force her into servitude.

The Characters


She is so brave, funny and a great character. She’s so strong and supportive that she’s a little whinerier in this book, but it’s easy to understand. She is doing her best to do the right thing. She does not trust her connection with Seth. She is so afraid to get lost.

Alex is pretty great, although sometimes it can be irrational, stupid and crazy, but in the end her intentions are never bad. Her character is brave, which makes her much more attractive and fun.


Aiden character represent a gentleman who does everything to protect Alex. Also risking his own life. Aiden is the forbidden fruit that Alex likes while Seth is the very exciting Apollyon who is apparently Alex “other half”. Literally. Pure is one of the few books that understand why the protagonist cannot decide or has difficulty deciding which type. Because all the pros and cons of a relationship with each of them are quite reasonable and true, that’s why you cannot get stuck in Alex’s situation.


He is a really interesting character, he seems very interested in Alex and yet he seems to hide a lot of things from her.


He also takes care of Alex, even if he does not show much.

Overall Thoughts on Pure by Jennifer L Armentrout

The book is very interesting, and it leaves you with plenty of questions. At the end of the read you don’t know

pure jennifer l armentrout

who is going to survive and who is going to die. You also don’t know whether or not Alex is going to choose Seth.

Pure by Jennifer Armentrout is a very interesting novel worth reading. At all times you are wondering what is going to happen next, and even though it’s quite a large book, after finishing it, you’re still somehow left wanting to read the next book in the series.

The book leaves you worried, heartbroken and even preoccupied as you really get to immerse into the story and feel it through in your own bones.

You won’t be able to wait to read the next book in the series named Deity.

The most interesting part about the book is that Alex doesn’t just blindly follow what other people tell her to do. Even though people around her have always advised her to be with Seth, she really takes the time to figure out exactly what she feels towards him.

Pure leaves you breathless and wanting much, much more. You should check it out here.

Pure Jennifer Armentrout PDF

It isn’t a typical book and it sure isn’t a common story. The characters described in it all have very interesting and deep personalities. You can really feel what the main characters are feeling so that you can go through all of that.

You can get the book through Amazon here.

pure jennifer armentrout pdf

Deity Jennifer Armentrout Review- Book 3

deity jennifer armentrout

History is going to repeat itself once again. The last time that things were headed in a positive direction, it didn’t turn out so much. This third book of this series is surprising us once again. “Deity” is a very interesting book that continues the story line in a way that we haven’t seen before.

The first book of this series was Half-Blood. And it’s a very entertaining book – well worth read. The main problem that the first book has is the fact that you can’t really connect with the characters right away as it takes time to get used to their special personalities.

Pure  – the second book of this series – gets you a little more invested in the story. That said, you need to concentrate more as the things that happen are a lot stranger and the scenery and setting is even more specific and in depth than before. Pure leaves you with an overall feeling of discomfort. And yet, you find yourself wanting  more.

This third book (Deity) is going to feel like a light-hearted and authentic gift for your soul. It doesn’t disappoint you at all and is a masterpiece. It’s better than both the first and second book combined.

Deity Jennifer Armentrout

deity jennifer l armentroutDeity is going to leave you speechless. It is filled with strange turns, interesting plots and dialogue that keep you engaged. The characters make you fall in love with them at every step. Everything in this book is genuinely perfect.

The story and the organization of the plot of this third book is brilliant. Everything is perfectly written and the style that the author uses makes it much easier for you to read and understand. Deity contains a secret that hasn’t yet been uncovered. Even though you think you know the characters very well, then, suddenly everything changes.

The book flows very easily as the mystery of the story starts to be revealed. All of the details give birth to interesting themes and memories that you aren’t expecting. You have no idea how the story will end.

Questions Raised….

After this book you are still going to have plenty of questions about it. Why? Because Jennifer is constantly changing the events surrounding the characters which brings out another facet of their personality that you hadn’t previously realized. She wants the reader to go and reflect on what they’ve just read.

The plot does not advance in a slow or boring matter. In fact the opposite, as the plot moves pretty quickly. You need to pay attention as you read as many things  are going to be important as they reveal some other secrets that are inside of the book.

The author reveals just what is necessary in order to keep the reader interested. There isn’t a time where she reveals a lot of information, instead she doles it out in such a way that it keeps you wanting to continue reading.

The overall emotion and feeling that this novel wants you to feel is definitely redemption. It wants to transmit the same feeling over and over as a common thread through different characters.

There are always going to be new mysteries to solve, new solutions, new questions and new circumstances. This series could be described with many different words, but you could never say it is boring.

The Characters of Deity Jennifer L Armentrout

deity jennifer armentrout pdfAlex’s character was the one that surprised me the most. She was so unexpected at all times. And, the evolution that her character has gone through in the last couple of books is very noticeable. The character’s transformation is brilliant and in this third book you can see that Alex is now very mature and that she actually thinks about her actions and how they can affect others.

Seth is another very powerful character. But I find him a little strange at times because you can never know what he is thinking. It seems at times like he wants to change for Alex and yet at other times he seems like he could be someone needing redemption. This character also goes through a broad reaching development and you can see it clearly in all of the novels. You can still feel his essence in every part of the book. You can always feel that Seth is there.

Finally, the other character that is very important to the story is Aiden. He has an on and off relationship with Alex. You don’t know if they’re going to be together or, if their relationship isn’t meant to be. It keeps you interested at all times because you really end up wanting to know what is going to happen between them.

Aiden, in reality is not selfish at all. He is very mature, but the circumstances surrounding his life has put him in a terrible situation. One in which she seems to be very immature and selfish, which is very sad and untrue.

Deity Jennifer Armentrout pdf

The book is filled with ups and downs, with a rich cross section of emotions that are highlighted throughout the book. It nothing short of book. It fits the rest of the books perfectly and it makes the whole series even better than it was before.

I would highly recommend reading the first two books of the series before you read Deity. If for no other reason, it gives you a background for the book and really let’s you enjoy it to the fullest.

Apollyon Jennifer Armentrout Review – Book 4

apollyon jennifer armentrout This book was released a lot sooner than everyone thought it would be. Jennifer wrote this book very rapidly which is amazing in and of itself. It’s a real testament to her skill and ability as an author.

This novel is very easy to read.  But at the same time it is unpredictable and so interesting that you will not be able to put it down. Chances are you’ll finish it within an extremely short period of time. It’s a book you don’t want to miss reading.

Jennifer Armentrout once again transforms your entire frame of reference. She transports you into a world that has it all: interest, intrigue, amazement, and wonder. Once you start reading this novel you’re not going to be able to stop until you finish it, so make sure you set aside enough to do so.

This book is the direct continuation of her last book Deity which was another incredible book.

Apollyon Jennifer Armentrout

The book starts out in a very strong way. We find Alex trapped in a cage. She wants to free herself from it so that she can connect with Seth as they have a very strong connection and they communicate even if they are very far away from each other.

Alex is able to hear Seth’s voice inside of her head. It is very loud and clear to her. Seth does not know where she is, even though they are connected, he is still unable to find where she is.

Aiden is once again in this book and he keeps on charming us with his incredible personality. He still likes and adores Alex, even though the rest of the people around Alex have given up on her. You can really see in this book that Aiden would do anything in order to keep Alex protected and in a good place.

In the book Elixir, Aiden even faced a God. He faced the God even though they are extremely powerful and he probably should’ve just run away like everyone else. Aiden is definitely the hero in this book because he does his best at all times without even stopping to think about it.

The Love Saga Continuesapollyon jennifer l armentrout

Aiden appreciates and loves his brother and he would do anything to protect him. With Alex it is different, let’s say that he is simply not able to imagine his life without Alex by his side. He keeps on falling in love with her, everyday a little bit more.

This novel is going to transport you to an entirely new reality. You are going to want to keep on reading it non-stop until the end. It is just a way of them demonstrating that the characters have grown and matured. They have changed and they are now entirely new people that are ready to discover new hidden secrets and they want to live their life to the limits.

The only negative thing about this book is that it finishes with an open ending. It leaves you asking too many questions, and you feel much more confused than in other books. It makes it really confusing.

There is plenty of suspense and romance within this book. In fact, I’d say it has everything that the perfect book needs. The emotions shown throughout it all will probably be what you love the most about Apollyon.

Apollyon Jennifer L Armentrout

apollyon jennifer armentrout reviewThe shock factor at the end is definitely missing in this book. It leaves you asking yourself so many questions that it takes away from the book a bit. This is an action novel, but it also is a romantic novel. It a great combination between these two genres and I really enjoyed it.

At this point in the series, it’s a great time to take a moment and think about what’s already happened and the questions that Apollyon has left us with.

What is going to happen between Alex and Aiden? What about Alex and Seth? Their chemistry is now slightly lower than it was before but that does not mean that they are no longer attracted to each other. What we can expect from the rest of the books are much more love stories, interesting appearances, epic battles and, of course, a lot of drama.

There are going to be many plot lines and parts of the book that you are going to want to keep inside of your mind forever. You are going to want to think about them all the time because they just captivate you and stick with you all the time. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and it keeps you in eager anticipation of the next book in the series.

Sentinel Jennifer Armentrout Review – Book 5

sentinel jennifer armentrout

This book is more epic than any other book Jennifer Armentrout has written. Why? It has sooo much in it. There are so many deep emotions that you are going to be able to read in the book, interesting plots, incredible conversations and complex characters. You are going to love Sentinel by Jennifer Armentrout if you haven’t read it yet.

The book starts with a war scene. When you are reading it, it doesn’t seem to violent or bloody. It’s just as if it was a normal day in war, it even seems beautiful and stunning. It’s a very strange feeling as it changes your overall perspective entirely.

The world is now slowly beginning to reach chaos. What Alex now has to do is to defend the world. Needless to say, it’s going to be a very difficult and complicated battle. If she wins everything is going to be set right. If she loses then she is going to lose it all and the city will be immersed in darkness forever.

Now Alex and Aiden need to travel to the underworld in order to liberate one of the most dangerous Gods that they have ever seen before. They are not happy with what they have to do as they know that they could lose their lives. It is also a moment of great tension because they don’t know either how the God is going to react.

The good thing about Alex and Aiden is that they are now together. They are united and they love each other. Their love story is finally beginning take on a lot more clarity. In order books Alex and Aiden were in an off and on relationship and they did not even know what they wanted. Thankfully, things have completely changed in this book.

Sentinel Jennifer Armentrout

sentinel jennifer l armentroutThis book is definitely the best one out of all of the Covenant series. Why? Apart from it being the bestseller out of all the rest of the books, Alex needs to destroy everything around her. And this leads to a story that is  going to have you wanting to know more about the future of these characters and their destinies.

This book is going to leave you with your mouth hanging open until the very end. Not even for a second are you are going to feel tranquil and relaxed. You are going to feel stressed, you are going to suffer, you are going to be irritated by some scenes, and by some characters. But at the end of the book you are going to feel that all of the suffering was definitely worth it, and that you want to read it all over again.

It is very difficult to write a book that has a long book in the series before it. It is something so abstract that you wouldn’t even know how to do it. Our talented Jennifer delivers once again. She gives us all that she has in this book. The novel has creativity, love, drama, epic battles, an incredible argument and it is full of different surprises that you are going to have to discover along the road.

Sentinel by Jennifer Armentrout Review

This book is a direct continuation of the fourth book, Apollyon. Alex was put aside by Ares. He wanted to die because he knew that he was full of pain and no one ever was going to be able to take that away from him. The only thing that would comfort him would be a sweet death.

Alex was really scared and afraid, and, at all moments she stayed with Aiden because she needed him to be there for her. That made their relationship much more stronger. You can now see that their relationship is going to grow and that they were going to be together all the time.

Alex, Aiden and Marcus were all under a lot of stress and strain in this book. Their faces reflected the pain and agony that they felt. They were paralyzed and immobile, they were frightened of the future and they did not know what to expect. The entire world was in the middle of a brutal war. It seemed to be the apocalypse but in reality was to be much more.

The Gods were dominating the earth, all of the planet was full of chaos and fear, and our three main characters were the only ones that were able to do something about that terrible and horrible situation.

Sentinel Jennifer L Armentrout

sentinel jennifer armentrout reviewThe best thing about the book is the amount of humor that it has. It is funny when it isn’t even intending to be funny. You laugh along with all of the characters and they put you inside their very interesting world.

The novel itself is slightly difficult to read at times because they are facing a complicated situation and at the end of the day that is something very difficult to be reading. The amount of humor that it has really lightens up the overall feeling and makes you feel much more relaxed.

In this book you are definitely going to be able to see Alex’s personality much clearer. In the other books she did not show the depth and strength of her character, but this book is going to be completely different in that regard. Now that she has assumed the responsibility and that she is going to fight against the Gods in hopes of saving the world and those around her, she has developed a very strong personality that is going to maintain her in the center of the plot.

While other books were focusing on all of the characters equally, Sentinel focuses squarely on Alex. It showcases how she is feeling, her thoughts and emotions. It is very interesting to see her evolve and grow up as a character.

The Growth of Alex

Alex is a very difficult character because she is very real. You can always feel like you identify with her. There isn’t a moment in which you feel that she is not acting realistically or that she is exaggerating. That might have been the case in other books when she was much more immature. But not anymore. Alex has grown up and turned into a beautiful soul that is now ready to confront the entire world.

She doesn’t care if she looses her own life, the only thing that she cares about is saving the world. She needs other people by her side in order to support her, and she supports them as well, that is what makes this book a masterpiece that everyone is going to able to enjoy and love every part of it.

This is a great book and I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of it here.

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