The Billionaire’s Doctor

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As the Chief of Staff at Sarah Markwell Memorial Hospital, Melissa Markwell, has a lot on her plate, what with running an elite care center that caters to the rich and famous, finding a cure for a father who is a mere shell of the man he used to be, and keeping secret the fact she is definitely a liar.

She should just tell her new friend, Dr. Grant Jordan who she is, but she’s in too deep with her deception now. Plus, she finds him attractive and intriguing. She doesn’t want him to think she’s a liar.

Dr. Grant Jordan has moved his life from Chicago to Las Vegas on the word of the Chief of Staff that he would be on staff at one of the most elite hospitals in the country. But upon his arrival, Grant discovers that the hospital isn’t an elite facility, it is a facility that caters to the elite. And that isn’t what he signed on for.

Plus, after a week, he hasn’t even had a face to face meeting with the chief, who after working so hard to convince him to join their staff, now seems to have gone ghost on him.

Thank God for the lovely Melissa, a volunteer who drinks ridiculous flavored coffee with him and shares all the latest hospital gossip. And if not for her “won’t date a doctor” rule, he would have asked her out and continued to do so until she said yes. But she’s made it clear and he isn’t the kind of guy who forces the issue. But when a hiking trip turns more friendly than he planned, he isn’t disappointed. And she’s asked him to take a look at her father’s case, finally something to do worth his time.

Only the arrival of his ex-girlfriend could ruin everything. Or maybe finding out Melissa’s secrets. And if both happen at the same time, the relationship he’s hoping to begin will be over before it starts.


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