New Contemporary Romance Novels That You Have To Read

newest contemporary romance books

Winter is the best season to indulge yourself into reading some of the best romantic novels. Whether it is one of your favourite author or someone very new, you will definitely find something delightful to stick too from this list of the best new contemporary romance novels.

  1. Devoted to Love by Shayla Black

Devoted to love is a beautiful love story of a small-town girl Magnolia West (Maggie) and a handsome special operative Josiah Grant. Magnolia falls for this handsome young man who happens to be present in her sister’s marriage.

After one stunning sensual night, Maggie is prepared to move ahead and part ways, but Josiah and danger both force her to change her plans. Even Josiah is not looking for love, but Maggie is able to rouse his body and stir his heart like no other woman.

The story further moves on how Josiah cannot part ways and leave Maggie and her family unprotected. He tries his best to prove his love to her but is it possible for them to live happily for long enough?

  1. Raze by Roan Parrish

contemporary romance series booksRaze revolves around the story of two young boys Huey and Felix Rainey. Huey is a guy who has built his entire life around his sobriety, who never intended to find love or a companion for himself, until he saw Felix one day in his bar.

Being the eldest among five siblings, Felix has always been on the edge since his childhood and even now is struggling to make ends meet. He has no idea of what he is doing with his life, but again for him things change when he meets Huey, who is strong, confident and owns his own business.

As both of them get closer there is a spark that ignites between them and both find really difficult to keep each other away. But Huey’s has worked really hard to avoid any sort of intimacy and Felix on the other hand threatens his meticulously constructed defences.

Huey later realizes that he has to keep his past behind and move on and see his future with Felix.

  1. Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

Waiting for Tom Hanks is a very delightful and fun novel to read. It is the story of a rom-com obsessed Annie Cassidy, who dreams of becoming the next Nora Ephron. She writes screen-plays and loves to watch Sleepless in Seattle a number of times in the hope of meeting her own perfect match.

She dreams of finding her own Tom Hank’s who is sweet, sensitive and caring. She believes that once she finds him, all her problems will disappear. But this near perfect Tom Hanks is nowhere to be found.

Later on filming of a movie is started in her neighbourhood and she gets a job on set. According to her this is a sign but fate stumbles her on Drew Danforth, the lead actor of the movie. The ideal dream man or the perfect meet-cute turned out to be the perfect meet-fall for Annie but soon she finds herself sharing some of the best rom-com moments with Drew, but can this Drew take the place of her own Tom Hanks?

  1. Spring House by Mary Ellen Taylor

Spring house is a very interesting story about two very different women, from entirely different generations. An historian Megan Buchanan is pregnant but had recently lost her fiancé. Still grieving, she decides to head towards restoring one of her dream projects, which involves a landmark hunting lodge owned by her own great-great-grandfather on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

But, it’s spring house, which is the caretaker’s cottage on the ground, holds the most remarkable experience for Megan. In a bundle of old letters, she stumbles upon the life of a young woman who also embarked on one of her own dream projects about a century ago. With each letter, Megan is swept into her world of adventures and secrets.

And when the past of one woman unfolds in front of Megan, she starts to discover herself more and more.

  1. The Marriage Pact by Winter Renshaw

The Marriage Pact is a very beautiful story of a young handsome and one of the most eligible bachelors in the free world Prince Ian, Duke of Montcroix, who is second in line to Chamont throne and his childhood friend.

She was sixteen when she vows not to marry this young prince ever. He was not only her first kiss but also her first heart-breaker. For her, he was never anything more than her father’s best friend’s son. But everything changed when on her 24th birthday, His Royal Highness shows up on her door and demands something that will change the course of their lives. You might also like our Best Kidnap Romance Novels Of All Time – UPDATED 2019 review here.

  1. Only Ever You by CD Reiss

From one of the New York Times bestselling authors CD Reiss, here is a yet another beautiful story of romance and friendship. The story revolves around Rachel, who very well knows what life would be after 30s. She has a perfect plan, and everything was on schedule. Until, her mother fell ill and she had to comprise on her career. Many other things like strings of break-ups and heartbreaks actually changed the practicality of her plan.

But then enters Sebastian, a complete nerd who lives across the street. He was the boy who Rachel defended when he was not able to defend for himself and the best friend she had promised she would marry if life does follow her plans.

Sebastian is not only handsome, successful and confident but still has that handwritten marriage contract. No one thinks that childhood marriage pacts actually work. But all Rachel and Sebastian had to do is to fall in love and set the date.

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