Life’s a Beach

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Megan Rines wants Reno Herrera, and that’s all there is to it. He’s mysterious—at least when she meets him in the bar and he refuses to give him her name—and sexy, dangerous…everything every man she’s ever met before isn’t. And she didn’t haul her life across the country to settle for what she could get back home in Kentucky. This is a new Megan. A courageous Megan. A lifeguard in training. One whose about to discover that life’s a beach, she just needs to kick off her shoes and feel the sand between her toes.

Reno Herrera is a one-time Olympian and a former gang leader. Now he’s the lifeguard in charge of the new recruit training program. And yes, he should’ve come clean with the beautiful Megan when he met her, but he couldn’t. One too many times, his identity hadn’t worked in his favor. As soon as people discovered who he is, they either give him a really wide berth or none at all. He just wanted to flirt, one night with a pretty girl who had no idea of his past. She could hate him tomorrow.

But when she discovers her mystery man is set to be training her for the next six weeks, she doesn’t hate him. She’s too busy trying not to let the other trainees beat her. And when she wants to quit, to give up, Reno helps her train and teaches her how to take care of herself against the doofus with the manbun. Maybe inviting her to his gym, letting her warm body slide against his in the water then kissing her until he can’t think straight isn’t his best idea. Reno’s decisions were always grounded in complication. And what he feels for Megan versus what he knows is right won’t be any different.

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