Cruel Prince A High School Bully Romance by Ashley Jade Review

Through it’s depiction of Cruel Prince: A High School Bully Romance by Ashley Jade, Royal Hearts Academy is definitely not a series of books that everyone is going to like. It’s written in a very scandalous manner which only the most dramatic people are going to enjoy. Cruel Prince is filled with bad boys, love stories and the description of a high school bully romance. This is not a series that has a sweet, loving and authentic love, not at all.

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The novel goes through and narrates the story of Dylan Taylor. She comes back to the Royal Manor once again after leaving it behind four years before. She now has to finish her senior year at Royal Hearts Academy. Dylan is innocent and she doesn’t like trouble, but sadly, she’s going to have to face her first crush, Jace Covington.

Jace used to be Dylan’s best friend four years ago. They have even kissed. He used to be the perfect boy for her. Used to, because he is now unrecognizable. Jace was cruel, really cruel, but he was also extremely attractive. For some reason, this boy decided that it would be fun to make Dylan’s life a nightmare.

Cruel Prince by Ashley Jade

ashley jade booksJace isn’t alone in his terrible mission. He is constantly accompanied by other boys that are also cruel, savage and even sadistic. They want Dylan to do everything they want, but she doesn’t want to fall into their terrible behavior, she doesn’t want to accept it.

Dylan doesn’t want to leave the high school, so she isn’t letting Jace Covington take advantage of her. “If Jace Covington wants me gone, he’s going to have to try harder, because I’ve never been the kind of girl to play by the rules.” Said Dylan Taylor.

The main character isn’t only haunted by Jace Covington. Cole DaSilva isn’t letting her rest either. Dylan looks at all of that as a game, “it’s like chess”. She wants to take down the king and Jace wants to destroy the queen.

Dylan is a very strong young girl as even though she is suffering from all of these bullies. They are constantly laughing at her, making her feel bad, making her look stupid in front of other people, etc. It doesn’t seem like she is going to give up any time soon, and that is probably one of the most interesting parts of her personality.

This book genuinely teaches you how not to give up and how not to allow other people to step on you. Dylan demonstrates you that it is possible to be strong and young at the same time and that even though in the inside you’re going through hell, you can put on a happy face and decide to face life with bravery.

Cruel Prince A High School Bully Romance

cruel prince ashley jade pdfCruel Prince is the first book of the series “Royal Hearts Academy” written by Ashley Jade. The book is narrated in two different perspectives, which makes the story very interesting and triggering.

The book is dramatic from the very first page, so you can’t even assimilate what is happening in the story when all of the drama is approaching you. This book is not innocent at all. The bullies described in it are awful.

Cruel Prince leaves you wanting to know more about this very interesting and strange high school. It makes you feel incomplete because there is something missing, some details that weren’t told by the writer so that you want to buy the second and third book.

The story is connected in multiple and diverse ways. At times you don’t even notice how close they are towards one another

All are interrelated and one thing leads to the other and you’re only going to discover all of their secrets and mysteries in case you read the book with all of your attention placed on it, or otherwise you’re going to lose plenty of details.

The characters have deep, clear and defined personalities. They have chemistry between them, even though at times they try to hide it. Sarcasm is present at all times, anger and revenge are too.

You’re going to feel a lot of emotions as you read the book. It’ll be just like a roller coaster filled with ups and down. You’re going to feel heartbroken, happy, sad, anxious, regretful, brave, etc. It is a really good book because even though at times the characters make wrong decisions, you can really understand why they decided to do everything they have done.

Jade wants to make you see that at times your family isn’t going to be there, but that’s okay, as you can really develop good relationships with the people around you, and you don’t necessarily have to share the same blood. The only thing that you need to have is love and trust.

The Weaving Story line of this High School Bully Romance

Dylan and Jace were once in love. They really liked each other. They were trusting towards one another and they knew that they could always count on the other one and that they were never going to be alone. Their love was authentic and raw at the same time. It wasn’t always easy, but it was exciting, new and different.

cruel prince ashley jade reviewProbably the saddest thing about the book is that Dylan is no longer able to recognize Jace. He changed so much that she feels like he is another person. There isn’t a single thing that has remained the same about him. Dylan still has the memories that they have created together and she is never going to forget about them because those were very happy moments in her life and even though things are different now she feels thankful about her past.

This book is similar to “Bully” by Penelope Douglas, the sensation when you read it is similar, but the content of the book is very different. This novel was very interesting and it is definitely worth your time. You’re not going to regret reading it as it’ll keep you triggered and motivated to reading more and more at all times. It has everything you wish in a book. You can get the ebook or audiobook version from Amazon here.

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Cruel Prince A High School Bully Romance Ashley Jade

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