Best Kidnap Romance Novels Of All Time – UPDATED 2019

Does a book where the kidnapped falls in love with kidnapper sound exciting? Well, so some it is. Kidnapping is definitely one of the most terrifying experiences in someone’s life and this experience has been used by many writers to startling effect. Hence, here are eight extremely beautiful novels based various experiences of kidnapping and romance between the victims and their own captors. Just a head’s up – if you purchase products through some of the links on this page, we may receive a small commission from Amazon.

A List of the Best Books About Kidnapping Romance

  1. The Good Girl – by Mary Kubica

books about kidnapping fictionThe Good Girl is one of the best examples of the Stockholm syndrome, a condition where the hostage develops a psychological alliance with her captor. It is the story of a girl called Mia who is kidnapped and kept in a remote cabin where every single day is a serious struggle in itself. But during the course of her kidnapping the entire event turns out to be a shared struggle of survival for both Mia and her kidnapper. After returning home Mia becomes amnesiac and calls herself by a different name.

The entire story is narrated from the point of views of both the victim and the perpetrator and fluctuates between flashbacks and present day events. The truth of what is actually happening is not revealed until the last few pages of the story.

  1. Stolen – by Lucy Christopher

Some readers might find this novel very disturbing. The novel is written in second person and as a letter by a girl called Gemma to her former kidnapper.

Gemma is kidnapped and drugged by her captor Ty, who himself is a handsome young man. After waking up she finds herself tied to a bed that too in the middle of a desert wasteland. Gemma has no idea about her whereabouts and there is absolutely no way to get in touch with anyone from the outside world. Ty, as an individual is very unbalanced but still is kind, honest and open with her.

The writer has written this piece of novel so cleverly that by the end of the story the reader will be in a dilemma and think whether it is a thriller about kidnapping of Gemma or one of the most unusual love stories he/she has ever read.

  1. Captive – by A.J. Grainger

Captive is the story of Robyn, the prime minister’s daughter. She is kidnapped by a group of terrorists. The motive of kidnapping is to demand the release of one of their compatriots. Robyn, is also used as a leverage against corruption, by her three kidnappers.

The captors sometimes are really kind and sensible to her but at times they behaved in a frightening and unpredictable manner too. But the whole story takes a turn when Robyn realizes that her father has refused to “negotiate with terrorists”, which leaves her all alone to her own fate.

books about kidnapping romance

  1. Wanderlust – by Skye Warren

Wanderlust is the story about Evie. A girl who loves to travel and dreams of seeing the world but very soon her first night at a motel turns into a nightmare. The story revolves around Evie and Hunter, who is a rugged truck driver and could do anything to keep Evie with him, which includes kidnapping her.

While crossing the country with him, Evie plans her escape but later she may find something that she has been looking for.

  1. The Breakaway – by Michelle D. Argyle

The Breakaway is about the kidnapping of Naomi Jensen, a young girl who is kidnapped. She goes through a very emotional patch after her kidnapping, where she thinks about her life and what she will get once she is out. Finding an escape doesn’t become a priority for her because she doesn’t want to return back to her abusive boyfriend or parents who didn’t care much for her.

Although it is a family of criminals and she is still a captive for them. In an attempt to have some control over her own life, she pretends to fall in love with one of her kidnappers. The plan works really well, but when the chance of escape comes she is not sure if she wants to run or not.

  1. Captive in the Dark – by C.J. Roberts

Captive in the Dark is a very intriguing story of a man called Caleb. The sole interest of his life is revenge. As a young boy Caleb was kidnapped and sold to slavery by a mobster and since then Caleb has thought of nothing but revenge from this mobster. For twelve years he dwells into the world of pleasure slaves and finally finds the architect of his miserable life but with an entirely new identity.

Caleb now devices a plan to strike this man and in the event kidnaps a beautiful young girl, Olivia Ruiz. The story then revolves around Olivia and Caleb. Although, Caleb is her kidnapper, Olivia slowly and gradually is attracted towards this strong, arrogant and sadistic man.

  1. Tears of Tess – by Pepper Winters

It is the story of a girl named Tess, who has everything that she ever wanted in her life. Starting from a great career to a loving boyfriend and a very bright future right in front of her. But all of this comes to an end after she is kidnapped and drugged while holidaying with her boyfriend, Brax in Mexico.

Captive and all alone with no lover or faith in anybody Tess evolves herself from a terrified little girl and becomes a fighter. The story then further looks into the fact that will Brax ever find Tess or her new owner or captor change her life forever?

  1. Dirty Angles – by Karina Halle

Dirty Angles is a very interesting story about a former beauty queen, Luisa Chavez. Every single day of her life is a struggle towards survival. At some point Luisa meets Salvador Reyes, a depraved leader of one of the major cartels in Mexico. Luisa sees this as an opportunity and exchanges her freedom and body for all the riches she ever wanted in life.

Later on she realizes what her life as a married woman is and that no matter how much money she has now nothing can change the abuse and ugliness of this marriage.

Hopefully  you’ve enjoyed our books about kidnapping romance list – it certainly is an interesting topic. If you’re looking for something a little more mainstream read All Grown Up by Vi Keeland Review & Why You Need to Read This Book Now here.

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