Waves of Love

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Alexa left it all behind to become a lifeguard.

While the choice was a no-brainer, the difficulties that unfolded during her training brought about some unforeseen difficulties.

From the trials of working with a team & mysteriously sabotaged gear to the struggles of everyday life and the pressure of trying to make the cut and be a lifeguard – Alexa felt like she was barely keeping her head above water.

But there was the head instructor Tom.

A mystery in and of himself.

At times open and receptive and at others cold and aloof.

Even still, Alexa thought there was a spark between them.

Maybe it was just his chiselled physique and the flashes of empathy and care for others that Alexa was noticing.

Will they be able to overcome the struggles of their complicated lives and the demands of their job or will the spark fade and die out forever?

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