The Score by Elle Kennedy Review – UPDATED 2019

the score elle kennedy

Yes, “The Score” by Elle Kennedy means just what you think it does 🙂

This is a book filled with all sorts of double meanings due to the convenient hockey theme that runs through it.

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This is a new adult book centered around young adults as seniors in high school and college. And it’s filled with the banter & random situations that young adults find themselves in during this time period of life.

This is the third book in Elle Kennedy’s great “Off Campus” series.

Elle Kennedy The Score Main Characters

Allie Hayes is the heroine of this particular story, and we find her in crisis mode.

It’s almost time for her to graduate high school but her world is filled with uncertainty and questions – not what she’s hoping for.

She has just broken up with her boyfriend for the fourth time, she doesn’t know what she wants to do after she graduates.

And with her ex constantly begging her to get back together, Allie meets Dean – smooth operator extraordinaire.

He’s known to be a womanizer who gets what he wants, but he’s soo hot and rich that it seems no woman seems to be able to resist his charms.

Allie’s not the type of girl to just sleep around. She prefers a relationship over random sex.

But in this case….

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The Score Elle Kennedy Review

the score elle kennedy pdf

Elle Kennedy is a master of banter. The way she has the characters interacting with each other is nothing short of masterful.

You feel like you know each and every one of them. I found it to really strengthen the bond between the reader and the characters.

At one point, Elle will have you laughing your face off and the next nearly crying. Ok fine. I cried. Only a little. Maybe.

Elle’s sense of humor is amazing in this book and it really adds a great element to the story and lightens the subject matter a little.

But there are a few layers to this story.

While Dean professes to be a man-whore and doesn’t apologize for it, we see Allie’s indecision about it all.

And Allie’s a strong, got a wicked sense of humor and has a backbone.

She’s able to put Dean in his place and make him work for it, rather than just caving in to his charm.

That was really nice to see because it felt like Allie had control over how things actually turned out. Like she was in the driver’s seat as to what heppened between the two of them. And this was great as I find so many stories that are similar to this one often just have the woman melt at the man’s charms and become subject to his will.

The Plot

This book follows a typical romance theme where both main characters agree to base their relationship on casual sex and nothing more.

And there is a lot of sex in this book. More than what some readers may want.

They try to convince themselves and each other that they are just in it for a good time, but their relationship continues to grow to where each of them develop an emotional connection for one another.

It was interesting to see how Kennedy showed how BOTH Dean and Allie became jealous when other people began showing an interest in their partner.

The book’s plot further deepened when Dean goes through a rough experience and begins spiraling downward. At this point Allie has to  make a decision as to whether she will deepen their relationship and stick with Dean to help him through, or to keep some emotional distance in an attempt to maintain their “physical only” relationship.

It was nice to see Dean grow up a little. Kennedy did a good job of making him a little less one-dimensional as the story progressed.

Elle Kennedy Off Campus Series

elle kennedy the score


The Score Elle Kennedy Read Online

the score elle kennedy epubIf you’re looking to read the score online, the best place to do so is through Amazon here. Sometimes you might be able to find an elle kennedy the score pdf or the score elle kennedy epub floating around for free, but most often these are just scammers trying to get you to download a virus onto your computer.

Besides, ebook versions are so inexpensive – especially for such a great book – that I personally don’t think it’s worth the risk.

On that note, you can also get the audiobook version here as well.

Elle Kennedy is a master at character development and banter. It really helps move the story along and develop a certain depth to it.

Especially among the hockey players as you begin to see that they might be more than just the typical jock stereotypes. They display a certain degree of loyalty among one another which I found to be particularly refreshing.

Some people criticize this book saying that it’s not much more than a rehashed version of the previous two books, but I thought it was different enough. Certainly different enough to read.

And that’s the thing. Every author will have his or her own genre and style to their writing and if they write a series it’s pretty hard to have every book completely different from the last. Especially if they’re trying to have some continuity through them all.

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the score elle kennedy read online




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