The Engagement Gift Lauren Blakely Review

the engagement gift lauren blakely

The Engagement Gift by Lauren Blakely is a twist on a different romance genre.

It’s a male-female-male romance book without any cheating.

And, given it’s topic you know it’s going to be heavy on the racy sex scenes and role-playing.

If that sounds like the perfect book for you, you can check it out here.

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This is probably one of Blakely’s most steamy books she’s written to date. It’s off the charts and it deals with a bit of a taboo subject matter in wanting both the fiance and his hot friend at the same time.

The nice thing about Blakely’s writing is that it is surprisingly tender given the subject matter. And this makes it feel a little less hard and maybe crass or harsh than if it was handled by a less talented writer. I’d say it walks the line of erotica without running past into straight up smut.

But that of course is a matter of opinion for each reader to decide on their own based on their personal tastes.

The Engagement Gift Lauren Blakely – The Characters

the engagement gift lauren blakely reviewLily Whiting and Finn Nichols are the main characters in the story and they seem to follow a certain prescribed stereotype.

Maybe a little too closely for me in that they are a young, sexually adventurous couple who share their deepest desires.

Except for the one Lily’s been holding back forever.

I just found it a little strange that they have seemingly done EVERYTHING else to this point in graphic detail that I found it a little strange that this one thing was never brought up.

Even thought it was something Lily’s wanted for like forever.

I find this a little too convenient and perfect for the story but I don’t think it really detracts from it too much.

That said, each scene is handled with a certain sincerity and tenderness (along with a depth of honesty) that if felt pretty realistic.

There is a significant amount of emotional depth in Lauren Blakely’s work and The Engagement Gift is no exception.

She was able to weave together the unique thoughts, feelings and emotions of each character which really adds to the whole story.

I really like how Blakely was able to really enforce the fact that both Lily and Finn are completely devoted to one another. And that really adds to the romance for me.

What the Critics have to Say…

the engagement gift lauren blakely epubCritical reviews of this book really cover a lot of ground.

Some felt the book was too short.

Others felt that this book was just pure smut with too much sex.

Still others felt like there is no depth to the characters.

I would have to disagree there. I feel that there is a certain depth there in how the characters interact. So I guess it’s more implied or intuitive as I didn’t find anything beyond that really spelled out.

There were critics who felt that Lily’s character is a bit too perfect. And some mentioned she comes across as a bit smug. I’d say she is pretty confident and sure of herself – not smug. And as for being too perfect I think that all comes down to how you would define that personally.

The Engagement Gift Lauren Blakely Read Online

The Engagement Gift Lauren Blakely Read OnlineThis is a quick little read but nothing about it feels short or rushed. It will leave you wanting to read more of Lauren Blakely’s books though…

If you’re looking to get “The Engagement Gift Lauren Blakely” so you can read it online, you need to get it through Amazon here.

Don’t trust all those weird sites that offer the enagement gift lauren blakely epub or pdf for free. They are just viruses waiting to take over your computer.

Uh… not that I’d know personally. It was a friend of mine that found that out. Yes, that’s it.

If you’re going to read this book, I’d suggest carving out some time to yourself and turn on a fan. You’ll need both.

If an off the charts sex romp isn’t your thing, try some of Virginia Hogdson’s work. It’s on the opposite end of the spectrum being clean romance but they are nice quick reads as well. You can even get a free book of hers here. Or you could try My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend Max Monroe Review here.

Or, if you’d rather a slow burn romance rather than instant gratification, read “The Best Thing Review” by the Queen of slow burn, Mariana Zapata.

Lauren Blakely Books

Lauren Blakely BooksLauren Blakely Books are all about instant gratification.

In fact, one of her books is aptly titled “Instant Gratification Lauren Blakely”.

Some of her other books that are part of a series include:

The vast majority of her books are quick read, novella type stories. And as we stated before, she’s the Queen of Instant Gratification.

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