Second Chance Ranch – Comes with the Audiobook Version as a Free Bonus

 Available through Amazon Kindle here.

When two orphans with deep secrets are forced to work together, how long can they keep their secrets to themselves?

Charlie’s ranch needs her to fill her Father’s shoes after his passing, but they’re big shoes to fill. She’s going to need help, and she knows just how to get it.

Lance is on his last chance with the law. If he doesn’t get some honest work quickly, he’s facing yet another stint in jail. The only job opening is on a ranch. They’re looking for experience and honesty. He’ll have to lie to get the job, but will he be able to hide the truth?

Charlie has a secret of her own. When the dashing new ranch hand is hired on, she finds herself struggling to keep from telling him everything.

When the truth comes out, will it tear them apart or push them closer together?

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