My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend Max Monroe Review UPDATED 2019

my brothers billionaire best friend max monroe

My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend by Max Monroe starts out with the lead female character writing her own epitaph.

Or maybe it was what she thought would be said at her funeral.

Either way, she just about died from embarrassment.

Yup she did one of the most cringe-worthy things you can imagine.

She accidentally sent not one, not two, not three, but SEVEN embarrassing texts.

And they were sent to her crush. Not just the random summer crush – but her crush of the past few YEARS.

She sent it to her older brother’s best friend. Good chance she’d see him again at some point and it would be pretty hard to live down what she sent.

So, ya. She wished she could have just died from the embarrassment.

This is one rom-com read that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

And not just because of the heavy dose of swoon that’s served up in it.

It’s got a classic story line – where the little sister dreams of one day being with her older brother’s friend.

And then she grows up and the best friend is crushing on her.

Ah, the twisted tales we weave. I would suggest putting everything else on hold and reading it here.

The romantic comedic duo of Max and Monroe isn’t to be missed.

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My Brothers Billionaire Best Friend – THE CHARACTERS

my brothers billionaire best friendMaybe is the lead heroine of the story. And she’s all sweet. Girl next door, kind, nice and a bit awkward. All that good stuff.

That said, she does have a bit of spice to her. That’s great, as it really adds something to her character or you may find her a little too cute and nice.

Milo’s portrayed as just being a genuine, down-to-earth guy. Very crush-worthy.

And it’s fitting as this is a sweet romance – not a love-scene heavy read. There are some slow burn elements to it, but it’s not a Mariana Zapata book like “The Best Thing”.

This will be a lighter, low-angst read that you will adore.

The only department you won’t find it light in is in the humor department.

The supporting cast is amazing as well.

They include: Evan (Maybe’s older brother), Bruce (Maybe’s dad), Caplin, Thatch, Sadie and Betty.

I don’t want to give too much away by describing them and how they interact with Maybe and Milo, but it creates a great dimension to the story.

The Plot

Maybe’s not just another basic girl. In fact, she has a lit degree and is currently looking for work in the publishing industry.

And she’s had to move back in with her older bro and work in her parents business in New York until she can make this happen.

Being an amazing older brother, Evan asks Milo if he can help his sister out through one of his many connections. After all, he is a billionaire. And they should be pretty well connected, right?

So when Milo comes by for a visit and sees Maybe for the first time in years, well, things get interesting.

She’s grown up quite a bit since he last saw her.

And this starts the story and some hilarious moments.

Milo’s so twisted up that it seems everything Maybe does drives him crazy.

And he feels a bit protective and possessive of her. Part of it is his growing desire for her, but the other part comes from them having grown up together.

But then there’s the whole “the younger sister is off limits” mindset he has to deal with.

What the Critics Say…

my brothers billionaire best friend max monroe epubComing from the critics, one recurring theme among some people was that they didn’t like Milo calling Maybe “kid.”

Now, myself, I don’t have a problem with it.

I think it’s a sweet reference to how they grew up and how she’s a little younger. I took it as playful stuff that can stick after a while with a couple.

Others didn’t seem to see it as I did.

Then there are those who felt Maybe is too naive. And a bit too sheltered to where she isn’t quite aware of what she’s saying.

And that might be true, but I think it really adds to the hilarity of the book.

Another thing the critics didn’t like was that they said a close knit family doesn’t leave someone alone after surgery.

Sure, they might have a point with that one, but in that particular instance it was a very important part of the story.

In fact, I would argue that she needed to be alone in order for the book to turn out the way that it did.

Sure, it may be unlikely, but it’s a rom com people.

They aren’t known for having the most air-tight plot lines in history.

What they trade in 100% believability is what they gain in over the top crazy situations that keep you laughing and hooked through the whole read.

I’d say that My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend by Max Monroe one is worth a read for sure, especially with all the laugh-out-loud humor that’s packed into it.


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