Instant Gratification by Lauren Blakely Review

instant gratification lauren blakely

Lauren Blakely has a knack for writing about topics that are seen as a bit taboo and Instant Gratification Lauren Blakely is no exception.

In similar books, she’s written about male female male romances (see The Engagement Gift Lauren Blakely Review here) and in this one the main male character is groomsman for hire in Manhattan.

From what we’re told he’s one of the best.

So he’s had no lack of experience but the one person he just can’t get enough of is his best friend’s sister.

She’s the one HE calls when he needs a date for an event.

And he can’t get her out of his head since their last all night encounter.

This time he needs her as a date to a wedding. But will they be able to even make it that far keeping their hands off each other?

You can find out here.

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instant gratification lauren blakely review

Instant Gratification Lauren Blakely

instant gratification lauren blakely read online

Jason is the male lead in this book and he’s really into his best friend’s sister.

A few months back, they shared an incredible night together and he just can’t get her out of his head.

But due to being the best friend’s sister he’s left to just casually flirt with Truly. As much as possible. Whenever he possibly can.

Jason’s a super hot Englishman and the chemistry between he and Truly is nothing short of electric.

Which makes their inability to be together that much more anxious.

Enter fate when they suddenly need each other’s help.

Jason has a few weddings he needs to go to – and he needs a plus one as he doesn’t want to go alone.

Truly needs a new idea for a bar.

There is a lot of flirty banter that goes back and forth between them in true Lauren Blakely fashion.

Jason  – as I briefly alluded to earlier – is a groomsman for hire. He’s also a podcaster and writes articles. So he wears a lot of different hats.

But one thing that is consistent is that he’s a super-sexy Brit who oozes charm. But he claims he isn’t looking for any sort of relationship.

Except he can’t get Truly out of his head.

Truly is smart, takes no crap from anyone and is very attractive. She’s also addicted to work-o-hol (tranlsated: she’s a workaholic), owning her own bar and running it.

Instant Gratification Lauren Blakely Read Online

instant gratification lauren

This is one of Lauren Blakely’s stand alone romances – and she’s written A LOT of them.

As the vast majority of her books are shorter, novella type reads it makes sense that she writes a lot of books.

Some of these stand alone books include:

  • Dating Mr. Right: A Collection: Four Standalone Romantic Comedies. This bundle includes a number of different topics. One book is a romance between two people who felt like love had passed them by forever. Another is a super hot tale about friends who eventually became lovers (with a best friend’s brother twist). The third is about online dating where someone uses a fake identity, and the fourth a bit of a taboo office romance that has a big age difference between the two lovers.
  • Overnight Service. This one is a lovers-turned enemies romance. But you know these two can’t stay enemies forever. They just can’t stay away from each other long enough.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. This is an office romance involving the boss’ daughter. They promise each other their physical relationship is nothing more. But what happens next….
  • The Dating Proposal. This one has more of a romantic comedy flair to it. The female character is rebounding after breaking it off with her ex of 7 years. And she’s found someone new. And he’s perfect. Except they just became business partners. Will chasing after him ruin it all?
  • Best Laid Plans. This is a second chance romance with a best friend’s brother twist to it.
  • The Feel Good Factor.  A chance hot encounter quickly leads to an awkward every day situation. Can you really have a relationship with the person who turns out to be your landlord?
  • The V Card. This one’s about a 25 year old virgin looking to lose her virginity – but not to just anyone. She might be young, but she’s a CEO of a successful business and she’s used to getting exactly what she wants and when she wants it.

Instant Gratification Lauren Blakely epub – Final Thoughts

This particular book has a little more push-pull than a typical Lauren Blakely read. And along that note it’s almost a slight contradiction to the title of “Instant Gratification.”

It certainly isn’t any sort of slow-burn like Mariana Zapata’s work, but it very well may be the closest thing Lauren Blakely will ever write along those lines.

Of course, with Blakely’s novels being much shorter she doesn’t really have the luxury of being able to draw things out the way you can in a full length slow burn romance novel.

Her books are typically short reads that are very heavy with romance, having some really steamy stuff in them.

In this particular book, at least the characters develop a little more as they begin to learn a little more about love and relationships.

And Blakely – to her credit – often tries to draw out a little more substance of her characters so that the stories aren’t completely centered on sex.

But you have to be prepared for a fair amount of that in any Lauren Blakely novel.

I felt that this really helped add a bit more dimension and depth to the novel.

If you enjoy this sort of book, be sure to check out our “The Engagement Review Lauren Blakely” as well.

If you find this sort of book a little too heavy in the sex, check out Virginia Hodgson’s books. They are quick, easy reads and you can get a free copy of one of them here.

instant gratification lauren blakely epub




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