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i hate you ilsa madden-mills

I Hate You Ilsa Madden-Mills revolves around Charisma Rossi. She really likes the typical popular and hot college guy that seems not to be that into her, he is the mythical Blaze Townsend. All of the girls would kill if that would guarantee them to be with Blaze. He is always the center of attention and he adores being in the spotlight. It’s incredible to see here.

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Charisma, on the other side is an intelligent girl, but she isn’t an angel. She doesn’t mind breaking the rules and actually enjoys being a bad girl. She is able to cut people loose and get revenge if they hurt her, so she’ll be the annoying girl of the story, but in a good and fun way, as she is definitely the soul of “I hate you”.

hate you ilsa madden mills

What occurs in the plot is that Charisma invites Blaze to her party. It wasn’t like Blaze was invited with no reason. Charisma and Blaze have been flirting with one another throughout the previous weeks. They were dating, so she really wanted to see him at her own party.

Blaze Townsend dumped her in front of Charisma’s friends. It was a terrible, traumatizing and overall embarrassing experience as Charisma really did not expect it. She thought that he just wanted to find the least appropriate moment ever just to make her look awful.

Ooooh, The Drama Continues!

Charisma now thinks about that moment every single day. As she has to sit next to Blaze in class. He doesn’t really feel guilty or ashamed about what he did. He thinks he’ll be able to smile and Charisma will fall to his arms with her heart beating rapidly. Charisma knows that she is not going to fall for his tricks.

He dumped her at the end of the semester, and now that a new semester had begun… it’s just too soon for Charisma to forget. At first she felt humiliated, but she learned how to turn that feeling into hate, and that is probably what makes Blaze feel so attracted to Charisma.

I Hate You by Ilsa Madden Mills – The Heat

The main characters is very strong, but Blaze Townsend has a body that Charisma can’t stop thinking about. He has everything she wants. She hates him, but she feels crazy about him at the same time. Charisma doesn’t want Blaze to know this, but it is very difficult for her to hide her feelings.

Charisma isn’t like the other girls. All of the students of Waylon University are trying to do everything in order to win Blaze’s attention and love. He, of course, feels extremely happy because he is popular and everyone is talking about him at all times. In other words, Blaze loves the game.

Blaze has never met someone like Charisma ever in his life before, so when she starts to ignore him because of what he did he doesn’t like it. Charisma makes Blaze feel just as if he was flying through the sky, she makes him feel as if he had butterflies inside of his stomach.

Blaze has so many options, there are so many beautiful girls that would want to be with him, but none of them would ever make him feel like Charisma makes him feel. Now that Charisma doesn’t want to be with Blaze, he is going to try again and again to get her back, even though he knows that she is a risky option.

Is Charisma going to succumb and follow her feelings, or is she going to pretend she doesn’t care at all about Blaze? And, is Blaze going to keep on trying to get Charisma, or is he going to give up at some point?

Story and Book Overview

i hate you ilsa madden millsI Hate You by Ilisa Madden-Mills is a very interesting novel. It unites two concepts into one fantastic story. Charisma and Blaze both love each other, and they hate each other at the same time. They can imagine how it would be like to be together, but Blaze is not ready to leave the game and Charisma doesn’t want to be hurt again.

While you read the book, you’re constantly tense because you don’t really know what is going to happen. Are they going to come back? Are they going to keep on ignoring and hating each other? Will Blaze be able to express his feelings? There are just too many things that you have to take into account and analyze while you’re immersed in this deep romance.

The book is dramatic, but it is also romantic. It doesn’t feel like anything you’ve read before. It’s a new kind of writing style and the way that the writer expresses herself is just… fantastic. The story is lighthearted which makes it easier to read.

Characters and Their Development

One incredible thing about the book are the characters. They feel very real and you can really relate to them and understand how they feel. Charisma was a very confident young woman until she lost all of it because of the breakup. Throughout the book she is fighting and doing everything that’s in her hand in order to get her confidence back and be once again that girl she remembers.

Charisma, even though she is beautiful, she feels insecure at times because she compares herself to the other girls on campus. Charisma knows that she is popular and that she needs to behave a certain way in order for people to have a good opinion about her and at the same time to keep on being on the spotlight.

Blaze has his own issues too. He feels like he doesn’t have time to be with this one girl as he has too many other options. What he doesn’t know, at first, but he is going to find it out as the book advances is that he is very insecure, and most of the things that he does is because he doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin and because he would like to change plenty of things about himself, and that, of course, affects him.

It was definitely a very fun and enjoyable book. It is easy to read, the pages flow rapidly and you can never get enough of it. The pleasure that you get from reading the book is the one that you want to feel when you’re looking for a book.

I Hate You by Ilisa Madden-Mills is definitely a great novel. If you love college romance and drama, then this book is for you. You should check it out here on Amazon.

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