Dr Love – A Sweet Medical Romance

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One dark and stormy night – one doctor working the ER with a heavy heart – one billionaire with a life-threatening illness who was mad at the world.

And still somehow love managed to flow into the mix…

The weather station made for a constant source of anxiety as Doctor Valerie Love and the rest of the medical staff at Dosher Memorial Hospital kept their eyes on the screen as the emergency room stood quiet and empty – a momentary respite from what they all knew was coming.

Powerful storms like this don’t take any prisoners – and leave a path of destruction in their wake. Rich or poor. Young or old. Loved or unloved. The storm and fate had no empathy.

Thunder rolled through the heavens as lightning danced through the ominously building clouds.

Valerie was completely unaware of how her life was about to change – on so many different levels.

The Billionaire’s Doctor

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As the Chief of Staff at Sarah Markwell Memorial Hospital, Melissa Markwell, has a lot on her plate, what with running an elite care center that caters to the rich and famous, finding a cure for a father who is a mere shell of the man he used to be, and keeping secret the fact she is definitely a liar.

She should just tell her new friend, Dr. Grant Jordan who she is, but she’s in too deep with her deception now. Plus, she finds him attractive and intriguing. She doesn’t want him to think she’s a liar.

Dr. Grant Jordan has moved his life from Chicago to Las Vegas on the word of the Chief of Staff that he would be on staff at one of the most elite hospitals in the country. But upon his arrival, Grant discovers that the hospital isn’t an elite facility, it is a facility that caters to the elite. And that isn’t what he signed on for.

Plus, after a week, he hasn’t even had a face to face meeting with the chief, who after working so hard to convince him to join their staff, now seems to have gone ghost on him.

Thank God for the lovely Melissa, a volunteer who drinks ridiculous flavored coffee with him and shares all the latest hospital gossip. And if not for her “won’t date a doctor” rule, he would have asked her out and continued to do so until she said yes. But she’s made it clear and he isn’t the kind of guy who forces the issue. But when a hiking trip turns more friendly than he planned, he isn’t disappointed. And she’s asked him to take a look at her father’s case, finally something to do worth his time.

Only the arrival of his ex-girlfriend could ruin everything. Or maybe finding out Melissa’s secrets. And if both happen at the same time, the relationship he’s hoping to begin will be over before it starts.

Second Chance Ranch – Comes with the Audiobook Version as a Free Bonus

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When two orphans with deep secrets are forced to work together, how long can they keep their secrets to themselves?

Charlie’s ranch needs her to fill her Father’s shoes after his passing, but they’re big shoes to fill. She’s going to need help, and she knows just how to get it.

Lance is on his last chance with the law. If he doesn’t get some honest work quickly, he’s facing yet another stint in jail. The only job opening is on a ranch. They’re looking for experience and honesty. He’ll have to lie to get the job, but will he be able to hide the truth?

Charlie has a secret of her own. When the dashing new ranch hand is hired on, she finds herself struggling to keep from telling him everything.

When the truth comes out, will it tear them apart or push them closer together?

Waves of Love

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Alexa left it all behind to become a lifeguard.

While the choice was a no-brainer, the difficulties that unfolded during her training brought about some unforeseen difficulties.

From the trials of working with a team & mysteriously sabotaged gear to the struggles of everyday life and the pressure of trying to make the cut and be a lifeguard – Alexa felt like she was barely keeping her head above water.

But there was the head instructor Tom.

A mystery in and of himself.

At times open and receptive and at others cold and aloof.

Even still, Alexa thought there was a spark between them.

Maybe it was just his chiselled physique and the flashes of empathy and care for others that Alexa was noticing.

Will they be able to overcome the struggles of their complicated lives and the demands of their job or will the spark fade and die out forever?

Billionaire’s Tower – Comes with the Audiobook Version as a Free Bonus

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From the moment I first laid my eyes on hers, I knew she was different – but I didn’t know to what extent I would go to get her…

Young, vulnerable, yet smart, and confident, she had it all.

Instinct told me she would never feel relaxed around a man of my stature.

So, I lied.

I left fate to chance as I slowly fell deeper and deeper into the abyss of her love. It took me under and refused to let me come up for air.

So, I kept lying about who I was.

But how long can two people keep living a lie? And what happens when the truth comes out?

Will she still love me after it’s all said and done, or will it end if the truth is revealed…

Awkward Love

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As a waitress at her best friend’s diner, Elizabeth Morrow is biding her time for the perfect job to come calling. She’s a college graduate who desperately needs to put all those years of education to use and build a life for herself where she won’t have to worry about where her next meal is coming from. It sounded like such an easy plan when she left Arkansas for the big city, but after years of resumes, she is still serving burgers at Renny’s Diner in downtown Manhattan and much less optimistic that she’ll ever find anything that even resembles her dream job.

Billionaire, Charles Rhoades is awkward. He’s been that way all his life. Even all the money he has won’t make him smooth enough to be able to talk to a woman like Liz. So, when he decides to hide in a bathroom at the same time she’s walking behind him with a pitcher of tea, it’s a tea-splosion that breaks the ice for them.

Finally, he’s found someone as awkward as he is and gathers the courage to ask her out.

The more he gets to know her, the more he likes her, and to help her achieve her goal of finding a corporate job, he pulls a string and Liz gets an interview with Block and Build, one of the companies in his conglomerate. Yeah. He should tell her, but she’s so happy, and that makes him happy.

By the time he decides to come clean, a sudden hospital stay robs him of a good time to share the information.

And because fate is cruel, a woman he once dated spills the secret during a meeting with everyone Liz works with. Of course, she’s furious and ends the relationship. He lied to her. Didn’t believe in her enough to know she would find a job on her own.

Can they find their way back to each other or is the new love they found lost for good?

Life’s a Beach

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Megan Rines wants Reno Herrera, and that’s all there is to it. He’s mysterious—at least when she meets him in the bar and he refuses to give him her name—and sexy, dangerous…everything every man she’s ever met before isn’t. And she didn’t haul her life across the country to settle for what she could get back home in Kentucky. This is a new Megan. A courageous Megan. A lifeguard in training. One whose about to discover that life’s a beach, she just needs to kick off her shoes and feel the sand between her toes.

Reno Herrera is a one-time Olympian and a former gang leader. Now he’s the lifeguard in charge of the new recruit training program. And yes, he should’ve come clean with the beautiful Megan when he met her, but he couldn’t. One too many times, his identity hadn’t worked in his favor. As soon as people discovered who he is, they either give him a really wide berth or none at all. He just wanted to flirt, one night with a pretty girl who had no idea of his past. She could hate him tomorrow.

But when she discovers her mystery man is set to be training her for the next six weeks, she doesn’t hate him. She’s too busy trying not to let the other trainees beat her. And when she wants to quit, to give up, Reno helps her train and teaches her how to take care of herself against the doofus with the manbun. Maybe inviting her to his gym, letting her warm body slide against his in the water then kissing her until he can’t think straight isn’t his best idea. Reno’s decisions were always grounded in complication. And what he feels for Megan versus what he knows is right won’t be any different.