A Different Blue by Amy Harmon Review

a different blue amy harmon review

This is a different story, this “A Different Blue” by Amy Harmon as you’ll see quickly in this A Different Blue by Amy Harmon review. It’s incredibly unique.

Harmon’s never been afraid to write about seemingly tough subjects and ideas, and this book is about someone who was a nobody from nowhere who gradually morphs into someone who actually matters and may – in fact – have a future after all.

This book has a depth that goes much beyond just a basic romance trope novel, as with many of Amy Harmon’s other books. (You can see our reviews here on “What the Wind Knows”, and “Making Faces”.)

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It may be a basic story outline, but there is a complexity of character and story line that must be read to appreciate.

It’s a lot more than just an “opposites attract” romance. It’s one where an unlikely couple find healing through the hope of a future and eventual love. This isn’t a book to read unless you want a good cry.

The Characters

a different blue amy harmon epubThe lead heroine of this story is Blue Echohawk. She’s essentially an orphan. She’s been abandoned and left by everyone in her life at one point or another. Her mother and father weren’t around and she was raised by a stranger named Jimmy Echohawk.

As the story progresses, Blue’s mother is found dead.

Then Jimmy dies and she is COMPLETELY on her own.

To make things even more complicated, she didn’t attend school with peers of her age.

In fact, she only started school at age 10 – putting her way behind.

But this story really takes shape with her as a senior in high school. It’s a pivotal point in time for everyone as they contemplate their future and what it may hold.

For Blue, however, she sees no future, no hope. Nothing at all.

Seeing this, a younger teacher named Darcy Wilson tries to take her under his wing. And he’s British, which sure makes them and unlikely and odd coupling.

Which isn’t easy as Blue is extremely tough and hardened due to how she’s grown up.

This isn’t some basic teacher and student romance.

The Depth of A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

a different blue amy harmon pdfHarmon weaves a rich tapestry of complex emotions in this transformational story of finding oneself.

Through her writing you FEEL for Blue. You cry alongside her as her pain and frustration is revealed. You cringe at the terrible heartbreak she endures.

This is an in-depth story of a smart alec, manipulative girl who finds herself. And the process of the transformation is absolutely beautiful – to such a degree that you’ll be shocked in the end.

Darcy is incredible throughout this whole process. He is able to be shockingly patient throughout the whole process as he helps guide and support her in her journey of self-realization.

And this is quite the task as he puts her development ahead of his growing feelings for her. Rather than risk impacting her journey, he puts the love he feels on the back burner – waiting for her to be complete.

What the Critics Say About A Different Blue

a different blue pdfThis book is definitely different as it’s almost like a slow burn romance but kind of like a slow burn journey of self discovery.

And this is one of the main criticisms that people have of this book. They felt that it took too long to get going. But as it’s a book about finding oneself, I would argue that there has to be some time spent on developing and fleshing out the details of the story line and the characters.

Some others would criticize the book and say that they didn’t like Blue’s character. They would complain that she was too mean and ungrateful for any sort of help people would offer her.

But for me, I see this as being a defensive reaction and more of a reflection on the events of her life and what she’s had to deal with in growing up than a specific character defect.

As with any other Amy Harmon novel, she wraps everything up nicely leaving you feeling satisfied that all of the loose ends are taken care of.

A Different Blue Amy Harmon PDF or Epub

amy harmon booksThis book is available though Amazon here in their digital book format.

It’s also available as an Audiobook here if you’d rather give that a try.

While my go-to choice is always to read a book, sometimes it’s kind of nice to be able to listen to one while you’re doing other things.

As I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t really a light or fast read.

But some people actually say that they prefer the Audiobook version for this story as the emotions can really pour out from the speakers.

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